Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Screwdrivers, Part 5: Bits That Fit a 201-2

Above and below are photos of screws you might need to get to on a Singer 201-2, and the corresponding Brownells screwdriver bit number that will fit that screw. You can then order the bits you need at this link to Brownell's website (at $2.99 a pop).

I'm not sure if this is helpful to anyone, but if it is and there's a high enough demand, I can do a similar "Bits That Fit" for a 221 Featherweight, a 206 or a 99.

I've made these photos pretty big, because on other instructional websites I've seen I always find the photos too small. If these are difficult for you to load, too big, or not big enough, please let me know in the comments.


  1. If you would do that for a 99 and a 221, you would be my hero! Your picture is wonderful and so clear, and I appreciate the knowledge you are sharing.

  2. Your photos are perfect, clear and detailed enough for everyone to see exactly what part you are referring to.

    Yes, please also post the bit numbers needed for the Featherweight 221. That would be great.

    Have you thought about doing similar photos of some of the more obscure oiling points on these machines? Some of the old Singer diagrams left a lot to be desired as to exactly where the oil was supposed to go.

    Thanks so much for the time you've spent preparing these posts.

    Pat - just east of the Coast Range

  3. Great Photos! I am about to dive into my 201. But will wait for the PROPER screw drivers.


    Liz in Central NY

  4. I appreciate all the info and photos. I have three each 15-91, 99, and 66. Do you think you will find a lot of differences in the 99s and 66s? I a waiting for a break in the weather to get back to working on my machines. The lack of a/c in the garage keeps me out of there on a lot of days. JEC

  5. OMG! You rock! I'm old and most web photos or manual reprints are too small/fuzzy for me to really see. Thank you for this.

  6. I was givien a singer 201 today. what is the difference with the 201- 201-2 and 201-3?
    i also ordered the tool box capland so that i can clean the machine with your help from the blog. thank your information is perfect. great job.

  7. With the Brownell bits, which are the right blade diameter and thickness? DH just picked up a 201-2 with a potted motor. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for your blog!

  8. I just picked up a 201-3 for 10 dollars,and a beautiful 15 for 20 bucks.I,m retired and like to tinker.And these are works of art.Now to make them look and run like new thanks for all your information.

  9. Just recently found your blog...LOVE IT!!! And, the pictures are great! I have a 221 and am scouring your information right now. Thank you sooo much.